Children's Behavioral Health in the News

A compelling case for behavioral health urgent care in Massachusetts (Guest Viewpoint) November 25, 2020

Urgent care services have been one of the great innovations of our health care system because they provide cost-efficient care for conditions that are too serious to wait for a doctor’s appointment but not critical enough to require the expensive, round-the-clock services of a hospital emergency department. This level of care, however, is not typically available for children and adults seeking help for behavioral health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and unsafe substance use. [MORE]...

Senator Cyr reports passage of Mental Health "ABC" Act

February 13, 2020

“The Mental Health ABC Act acknowledges the realities that parents of children with behavioral health needs face every day in ensuring their child's safety and wellbeing,” said Mary McGeown, Executive Director, MSPCC, on behalf of the Children's Mental Health Campaign. [MORE]...

Children with mental illness need an advocate

Boston Globe: July 17, 2019

Some of the state’s most vulnerable children — those with serious mental health issues — continue to have difficulty accessing the care they so desperately need. Meanwhile, the Baker administration has chosen to appeal the court monitoring that has at least brought some improvements to the system. [MORE]...

Struggling to find doctors in network, Massachusetts advocates push for transparency in insurance provider directories May 8, 2019

Parents, therapists and advocates pushed for the passage for legislation that would make insurance companies update their provider directories, a move that supporters say would make a huge difference for families seeking urgent medical help.  [MORE]...

Lawmakers begin vetting health care system changes.

WCVB5: May 7, 2019 

BOSTON — As the Legislature gears up to take another run at making comprehensive reforms to health care, lawmakers and health care executives on Tuesday pitched a variety of ideas they said would help to control the cost of care in Massachusetts. [MORE]...

Urgent Care On Demand, Except This Time For Mental Health

WBUR: April 19, 2019

The sleepless nights and dull, meaningless days began last summer. In the late fall, Grace, who asks that we just use her middle name, stopped taking her medication for depression and anxiety. It wasn’t helping. By mid-winter, Grace says she often struggled to get through a day. [MORE]...

Long ER waits persist for children in mental health crises

Boston Globe: July 17, 2018 

Some patients with mental illness, particularly children, are spending days stuck in tiny windowless rooms in hospital emergency departments waiting for treatment, a persistent problem despite new statewide rules designed to resolve the backlogs. From February through May, 155 patients in mental health crisis spent at least four consecutive days in an emergency room, according to Massachusetts officials who began gathering the data six months ago. A few patients slept or “boarded’’ in the ER for two weeks. [MORE]...

Danna Mauch and Senator Warren support increase in mental health funding.

SouthCoast Today: December 24, 2017

We all know someone who has dealt with a mental health condition — a friend, a family member, a partner, a co-worker, a neighbor. Nearly one in five adults experience mental illness each year, and about 10 million Americans experience a serious mental illness that substantially impacts their major life activities. [MORE]...

The Campaign's Psychiatric Boarding Project December 24,2017
Springfield- "Boarding is the canary in the coal mine of a broken system," said Kate Ginnis, director of behavioral health advocacy and policy at Boston Children's Hospital and part of the leadership team of the Children's Mental Health Campaign, a statewide advocacy coalition for children's mental health. [MORE]...

Advocates Applaud The Legislature's Opioid Bill-Press Release
Addiciton Free Futures Project: March 10, 2016

BostonThe Addictions Free Future Project, led by the Children’s Mental Health Campaign, applauds the Legislature for passing its comprehensive Opioid Bill, which includes important preventative measures. The bill has been passed by the House and Senate and is on its way to the Governor’s desk...[MORE]

Governor Baker signs opioid bill
Boston Globe: March 16, 2016

BostonIn an emotional ceremony, Governor Charlie Baker on Monday signed into law a measure that places tighter state control on opioids, in an effort to stanch the supply of the addictive drugs...[MORE]