Resources & Activities for Families At Home

Below are a list of recommendations and resources to support children's mental and emotional well-being and provide opportunities for fun and learning during the pandemic. These resources can be a source of fun and stress relief for kids and grown-ups. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of self-care resources for specifically for young adults and grown-ups.

Curriculum, activities, and projects:

Free Education Resources: collection of educational organizations offering free content for children at home.

Entertain Kids On a Dime: 100 activities to do at home during school closures

Mystery Science: free science lessons and activities

Go Noodle: movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts, available for free.

Delish: Cooking classes for parents and kids on Instagram Live, daily at 1 pm ET

Busy Toddler: Homeschool preschool curriculum and projects

7 Days of Play: Instagram account with craft and sensory activities for young children.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Children's book author Mo Willems creates new characters, draws pictures of his characters Elephant, Piggie, and Pidgeon, and shows off his studio, live on Youtube daily at 1 pm ET

Draw Every Day with JJK: Jarrett J. Krosoczka, author of children's books and YA novels such as Hey, Kiddo leads daily drawing lessons.   

The Giant Room: Join Hervé Tullet, the renowned artist and children's book author, and The GIANT Room team for an exceptional interactive workshop series to create art pieces and build an interactive mini museum.

Mindful Schools Live Classes: Free online mindfulness classes for kids, live via Zoom every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1 pm ET

Visiting zoos and aquariums:

New England Aquarium Virtual Visits: Live presentations, new videos, and activities to try at home

Georgia Aquarium Webcams & Monterey Bay Aquarium live streams: live views of the beluga whales, jellyfish, sea lions, piranhas, penguins, and sea otters. The Monterey jellyfish cam is our top recommentation.

San Diego Zoo Videos/Webcams: live and pre-recorded views of pandas, polar bears, apes, koalas,and giraffes

Online books, shows and movies:

Story Time from Space: Astronauts on the Space Station read stories and conduct science experiments. 

Audible: Instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages for free

Boston Public Library: Remote books, audiobooks, tv shows, and movies available with a BPL library card. E-cards are also available online. 

Minutemen Library Network: Apply for a temporary library card, if you do not already have one and access online content, like Tumblebooks, from 36 public library systems across Massachusetts

Storyline Online: celebrities read beloved children's books

Creative Galaxy: Amazon prime show for young children following Arty and Epiphany as they search the galaxy to solve problems with art.

Social engagement and self-care:

As a community working together, we need to actively practice self-care, now more than ever, to foster our collective resilience towards advocating for children and families. 

Live concerts and operas: stream concerts and operas both live and pre-recorded every day.

Down Dog Yoga: Free yoga classes available for all levels and time commitments, free through May 1st and free through July 1st for healthcare workers, students, and teachers.

YMCA 360: Free, on-demand classes for grown-ups and children.

Sensory Grounding and Box Breathing Techniques: video tutorials offered by the iHope Network.

Mindfulness Exercises: 73 exercises that will strengthen your ability to practice mindfulness. BONUS: practice mindfulness with your children!

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Relaxation exercise offered by the iHope Network.

Milk Street Cooking School: learn recipes and new ways to approach food and cooking. Entire line of online cooking classes available for free through April 30, 2020.

Netflix party: A chrome extension that allows multiple people to watch together from their own homes-- great for move nights with friends and family living in different places.