Access to Services

Receiving the proper services can greatly improve the lives of children with behavioral health challenges. However, accessing and paying for these services is often difficult for parents. The Children’s Mental Health Campaign is working to ensure that all children are able to receive the care they need, when they need it. 


State and federal parity laws require most health insurers to cover mental health and substance abuse treatment for children under the same terms and conditions as they cover other medical services. CMHC advocates to improve oversight and enforcement of these important laws. 

PEDIATRIC Behavioral Health Urgent Care

Pediatric behavioral health urgent care aims to provide children and adolescents with treatment outside of emergency departments, where children may wait hours or days for care, which is particularly important for children with ASD/IDD, as they are more likely than their neurotypical peers to come into contact with emergency responders and visit the ED for psychiatric concerns. By intervening when a need may be "urgent" instead of an emergency, this model seeks to prevent emerging crises from escalating to emergencies, connecting children and adolescents to the care that they require earlier in the crisis.