The Children’s Mental Health Campaign (CMHC) is a large statewide network that advocates for policy, systems, and practice solutions to ensure all children in Massachusetts have access to resources to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental health issues in a timely, effective, and compassionate way.  This will only happen through a shared responsibility among government and health care institutions working together to improve mental health care and access for children and youth.

The CMHC Executive Committee consists of six highly reputable partner organizations: The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Boston Children’s Hospital, the Parent/Professional Advocacy League, Health Care for All,  Health Law Advocates, and the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health. The CMHC network includes more than 200 organizations across Massachusetts. To meet our organizations and learn a little bit about what we do and why we think children's mental health matters, check out our youtube page!

We are unified in our commitment to safeguard  the mental and emotional health and wellness of all children in Massachusetts. 

As a society, we cannot afford ignorance and inaction when it comes to the mental health of children:  


In its independent review of the Campaign, Community Catalyst credited the Campaign "with raising the visibility of children’s mental health as a critical issue both within [state government] ... and among the public. The Campaign partners are viewed as highly credible advocates who are able to operate within the policymaking process at a very sophisticated level.... The Campaign leadership and coalition members represent the best thinking of the provider, family, and advocacy community around mental health... and it’s viewed as a formidable force.”