To advocate meaningfully for children, we must first acknowledge the nesting structures within which they reside. Supporting children’s behavioral health requires us to advocate for children at home with their family, in their school, and within the context of the broader community.

  • Home: ensuring children and families are able to receive high-quality behavioral health care without delay and getting them back home.
  • School: strengthening behavioral health supports in school and removing barriers that prevent children with behavioral health challenges from reaching their full potential.
  • Community: strengthening the entire communities' capacity to support children by improving the behavioral healthcare system.


Our work in legislative, budget, and regulatory & administrative advocacy reflects this comprehensive approach to home, school and community. Learn more about our key areas of advocacy below:

  • Legislative Advocacy that seeks laws to better protect children’s mental health care and services;

  • Budget Advocacy that aims to protect funding for services vital to children’s mental health care;

  • Regulatory and Administrative Advocacy that seeks to improve regulations and agency policies that impact children’s mental health services. 

These color-codings indicate which issue area we are addressing in our work: