Legislative Advocacy

As the 2019-2020 legislative session draws to a close, we're excited that our legislation on ghost networks has passed as part of Chapter 124 of the Acts of 2019: An Act Relative to Children's Health and Wellness. Check back early in the new year for updates on our priority legislation for 2021-2022.

An Act Increasing Consumer Transparency about Insurance Provider Networks (H. 913/S. 610)

Rep. Barber & Sen. Lewis

Update: Our legislation on ghost networks has passed as part of Chapter 124 of the Acts of 2019: An Act Relative to Children's Health and Wellness.

Accurate provider directories are critical to improving access to timely and appropriate care. The Children's Mental Health Campaign, the Mass Collaborative, Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans Plans, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts have worked closely together and with the legislature to develop consensus around the language in this bill.

An Act Relative to Mental Health Parity Implementation (H. 910/S. 588)

Rep. Balser & Sen. Friedman

Update:  There are a number of parity provisions the Campaign has advocated for as part of S.2519 Mental Health ABC Act. We're working with our partners right now to ensure parity provisions are included in legislation in 2021-2022.

Mental health parity recognizes that insurance coverage for mental health conditions and substance use disorders must be the same as coverage for physical health problems. Despite significant legislative efforts at both the state and federal level, true parity has yet to be attained. By closing loopholes, increasing transparency, and providing consumers with tools to understand parity and to challenge violations, the Commonwealth can fulfill the promise of true mental health parity.

An Act Supporting Healthy Development Among Preschoolers (H. 401/S. 264)

Rep. Balser & Sen. DiDomenico 

An expulsion early in life can have a lasting impact on a child's educational and life outcomes; a young child who is suspended or expelled is 10 times more likely to drop out of high school, experience academic failure and grade retention, hold negative school attitudes, and face incarceration. This bill would require that the Department of Early Education and Care align regulations with joint policy recommendations of the US Departments of Health and Human Services and Education and 2017 revision to Head Start Program regulations.

An Act to Protect Children's Mental Health Services (H. 1736/S. 1154) 

Rep. Malia & Sen. Keenan

Despite significant improvements in the availability of mental health care - especially for children who are covered by MassHealth - it is still hard for many children and their families to get the care that they need. This bill mandates the establishment of an ombuds position in the Office of the Child Advocate with the power and authority to identify barriers to mental health treatment. The ombuds would monitor and ensure compliance with relevant child mental health statutes, regulations, rules, and policies and receive, investigate, and resolve complaints filed on behalf of a child.

An Act Relative to the Promotion of Mental Health Education (H. 482/S. 244)

Rep. Higgins & Sen. Collins

Update: This bill has been sent to study.

Addressing the behavioral health needs of students is one of the greatest challenges schools face. Consistent with current efforts to integrate physical and mental health care, this bill updates the physical education mandate to make mental health education a required subject in all Massachusetts public and private schools, in grades K-12.